Sunday, July 5, 2009

Psychology and Social Work

Top Coping Skills to use when I am feeling depressed

1. Use the computer
2. Cook
3. Clean
4. Talk to my family and friends
5. Sing
6. Dance
7. Watch C-Span
8. Watch
9. Go to the movies with ED
10.Go to Little Manila Foodmart
11.Work for a project that pays: e.g. surveys,, temporary agencies in addition to my home based companies-Christman, Cua Associates, Dosimetrics and Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering University
12. Volunteer for Mentor Net

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recuperating from the ills of the world


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Tips for Self-Care by Kali Munro 1. Take time for yourself 2. Do something nice for your body. 3. find some comfort. 4. Transport yourself into another world. 5. Be playful or silly. 6. Take a mental health day. 7. Take a walk in nature. 8. Do something you've been wanting to for a long time.

I will cope using my A to Z skills! @ 2000 WEllness Reproductions and Publishing Inc. 800/669-9208

A-Anger management, Acceptance, Asking for (time when I need it) B-Belong to a group, Boundary recognition, Beginning to (reach out to others) C-Creatively expressing myself, Communicate effectively, Choosing to (be proactive) D-Deep breathing, Drawing, Deciding to (end a relationship) E-Emotional awareness, Eating in a healthy way, Examining my (values) F-Forgiving, Fighting fairly, Focusing on (what's important to me) G-Goal setting, Giving and receiving in my relationships, Getting knowledge about (my illness) H-Humor, Hanging around with healthy people, Honesty with (my therapist) I-Imagery, Identifying emotions, Inner-strength to (make tough decisions) J-Journal keeping, Jogging, Joining in on (social activities) K-Kindness to myself, Knowing my capabilities, Keeping in tough with (old friends) L-Limit setting, Leisure, Looking for (alternatives) M-Meditation, Managing my money, Motivating myself to (do the dishes) N-Nurturing myself, Nature appreciation, Networking with (a support group) 0-Open to new ideas, One step at a time, Overcoming (fears) P-Patience, Problem -solving, Practicing (to think before I talk) Q-Quiet time, Quality relationships, Questioing my (stress management) R-Recreation, Relaxation, Remembering that (I'm not perfect) S-Sleep well, Supporting myself, Sticking to (my valued and beliefs) T-Time management, Trusting my instincts, Taking responsibility for (my behavior) U-Understanding myself, Upbeat attitude, Using my (talents and strengths) V-Visualization, Valuing my age and experience, Volunteering to share (my time) W-Walking, Writing letters, Working on my (assertiveness skills) X-Exercise, Expressing myself, Expanding my friendships Y-Young-at-heart attitude, Yearly check-ups, Year round(self-control) Z-Zestful living, Zealous (enthusiastic) about self-help, Zeroing in on (my coping skills)

Myths and Facts about Mental Illness If I feel like it, I can take more medications than prescribed. Mental Illness is always hereditary. Taking medications is a cure for mental illness. Denial is part of a mental illness. Crack cocaine can bring on psychotic symptoms. Family members and friends have important input about medications and symptom management. Coming into the hospital again means you're a failure. Mental illness is contagious. If I'm depressed, beer will make me feel better. Mental Illness means you can not be productive. Family and close friends don't need to be educated about the symptoms when involved with someone with a mental illness. You are not able to work at home or a t a job if you have a mental illness. Mental Illness means you have no control over your life. I can withdraw my medications without medical supervision. Anti-anxiety medications can easily be taken for a lifetime. 2002 Wellness Reproductions ad Publishing LLC

Ways to Relieve Stress @ 2000 Wellness Reproductions and Publishing Inc. 800/669-9208

blow bubbles, meditate, go bowling, take pleasure in quiet time, read a book, fix yourself a cup of hot tea, make an edible treat, visit the library, write a letter to a friend, see a movie, join a support group, window shop, have fun with a pet,go to the park, nap for ten minutes, plan your dream vacation, sit under a shady treee, watch a sunrise or sunset, do deep breathing exercises, luxuriate in a bath or shower, listen to a relaxation tape, prioritize, play an instrument, sing or whistle a song, clean out a closet, work on a jigsaw puzzle, write creatively, draw or paint a picture, take a walk in the rain, put flowers in your home, take a long ride, weed a garden catch-up with a family member, begin a new hobby or craft, use visual imagery, lie back and watch clouds, give of yourself, reflect on the positives in your life, enjoy the weather, attend a free concert, listen to music, play your favorite game, tear up an old newspaper, roller-blade, have a good laught, swim or splash in the water, delight in your spirituality, light a candle, finish something, reach out to a support, count your blessings.